Friday, September 26, 2014

Getcha Paint On

I have decided to do the noble thing.
And stop searching for romantic love.
And to instead take a writing class and also oil portrait painting class.
And I wouldn't be surprised if this in fact leads to me finding the right person- like that time I COULDNOTFINDMYGLASSESANYWHEREAGHHHHHHH and it turned out I was wearing them.
Sadly, a true story. Circa 1998.

I've been spending a considerate amount of time doing what one of my dear artist friends refers to as, "skirt chasing".
I am embarrassed to use that expression. But as I said, it's not mine. I am a simple borrower of diction(and often toothpaste).
It was pointed out to me today that I spend a lot of energy on this love thing and perhaps it's time I took a break so my rueful spirit can repair itself properly for once.
It's been like relationship-relationship-relationship-relationship for the past 4ish years.
Although don't be surprised if in like 4 days I am waxing eloquently about someone's luscious hair using various climatic metaphors.
At least I will be writing about it in my writing class with other humans haha or I will be painting their portrait while in a class surrounded by other humans.
I'm excited. Art class: here I come!

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