Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Dear Soulmate

Dear Soulmate,

Where are you?!
Do you exist?
I hope you didn't die in a surfing calamity.
Or a fire.
Or a tragic juggling accident.
Maybe we live mere blocks from each other but never cross paths because one of us hits the green light while the other hits the red.
Several times I thought I saw you from a distance but when I got up close I saw your face had changed.
Please find me before I am old and wrinkley (I guesstimate you have about 80 years left).
You will recognize me when you see me as I always wear my heart on my sleeve.
Love Brandy


  1. Dear Brandy ,
    I just want you to know that i'm here and waiting for you...I did saw you waiting at that red light while I passed on the green. I wanted to stop and to tell you always know that my love for you is endless and always strong.
    I have so much to say but words can't begin to describe the amount of emotions i have for you....
    The wait is torturous, nerve-wrecking and sometimes very lonely but i always know that it is always worth the wait. Always know that i'm here I know your arrival is imminent. I feel you with me everywhere and anytime of the day. always know that i'm constantly thinking of you..
    always know that i see you with me everywhere and i imagine your reaction to what i would be doing or how i would be reacting to situations. Your touch is so close that it feels real and i am comforted. Your coming... i know it.... i feel it deep within me... i feel this sense of calmness whenever i think about you and i know deep-down, my gut-intuition, you are thinking of me too but haven't pictured who i am yet... Always know that i will truly love you.
    Sincerely ,
    Your Soulmate.