Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mrow, Macrame, And Messy Breakups

Being sliiiightly obsessive compulsive is:

Great for:
1. Macrame!.... (skeptical eyebrow lift....who the hell does macrame...)
2. Art/my job
3. Taxes! I am so damn good at keeping my gasoline receipts. That's right baby. Mrow.

Bad for:
1. Breakups

(my mind a few weeks ago)
what went wrong? what did she mean by that? did I do the wrong thing? right thing? too much of the thing? what is the thing? can I fix it? is it better not fixed? is it broken? who really broke it? we were great together though. were we great? she didn't even snore. she was the best. was she the best? will we fix it? what went wrong???? bahhhhhhh
Luckily (for everyone's sanity) the worst is over.


  1. Haha... That's so me. "wait, what? I thought we were fine. Weren't we fine? Was it me? Did I do something? Did I not do something? Should I do something now? Oh dear..." Waiting is the worst.