Saturday, October 18, 2014

But s*** it was 99 cents!

-Halloween costume shopping-

Him: AH! Are those platform boots?!
Me: Where?!
Him: Aw no they are just pumps. I was like, "I want those just for everyday use!"
Me: Hahahaha! I love you!

-we see a rack of vintage fur jackets-
Him: I really think we should just go as Macklemore!
Me(rapping): What-what-what-what
Him(rapping): Bada badada badada bada!
-I pull out a massive fur jacket-
Me(rapping): Probly shoulda washed this smells like R. Kelly's sheetssssss...
Him(rapping): But s*** it was 99 cents! Bag it!
Me(rapping): Imma take your Grandpa's style! Imma take your Grandpa's style! No, for real! Ask your Grandpa, can I have his hand-me-downs?
Him(rapping): Whatchu know bout rockin a wolf on your noggin


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