Saturday, October 4, 2014


Dug out my winter clothes today.
Which led to me cleaning out my closet.
Like REALLY cleaning out my closet.
And finding some great things buried in there. 
Why am I keeping stuff that brings back memories of bad times? 
I actually have an entire section of my closet which I have been avoiding because there is 1 shirt over there which reminds me of something awful. Get rid of it girl! Seriously.

And then I started feeling guilty for getting rid of stuff.
BUT then I thought more and realized by keeping stuff I am never EVER going to wear I am actually being selfish because someone else could be using it to keep warm in this winter. 
I am lucky enough to work in fashion design and always have a plethora of clothes. 
I have so many winter clothes...lots of old ones that are kinda beat.....I want to go out tonight and give them to homeless people. 
Need to find a big burly friend to come with me and protect me. 
Any takers? 
....I guess I could take Bettie.

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