Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sweaty Winter Habits

Every winter I get suuuuper into working out. It's really strange....maybe it has something to do with exercise endorphins replacing sunshine/vitaminD....who knows, not sure why.
Last year I even got biceps! It was pretty rad haha I was like, "Whaaa where did those come from?!!!?" One winter I even wanted to become a personal trainer. And another time I started training for the WBFF(same year I had biceps lol) Best part of the gym tonight was that I was alone so I was singing Pharrel Williams SUPER LOUD with my headphones in. Honey badger don't give a damn! Muahaaaaa

Anyways, it's begun:) 
Everytime I get back into going to the gym I'm like, "Wow! I feel AMAZING! Sweating rocks!" Haha
Here's a little Pharrel for ya. I suggest moon-walking.
Hmmm yup, definitely moon walking!


  1. I do the same :P I think part of it for me is I prefer the gym quiet and it tends to be quieter as it gets colder, you look great :3

  2. Thanks for the compliment lady! Ya it must have something to do with the cold weather. In the summer I just want to be outside walking everywhere! :)