Sunday, October 5, 2014

Types Of Lesbians (stereotypes)

There is confusion in the streets. People want to know. But they don't want to ask.
So here you go. I shall explain some lesbian labels and stereotypes.
Although as Ellen once said, "I don't like labels. The only thing I label is my lunch. I write "lesbian" on it so everyone knows it's mine."

Illustrated with cats.....cause lesbians love cats.....stereotype numero uno haha
Dress quite "masculinely"(Hey! Don't punch my arm! I used quotation marks!)
Don't wear makeup
Often quite sporty
Short hair
I think this is what most people think when they hear the word "lesbian"
(bahaha I f***ing love Bjork)

Suuuuper feminine 
Wear makeup
Wear dresses, lace, etc
Like high heels
Generally have long-ish hair
No one believes they are gay
No one suspects they are gay
Men assume they want to have a 3some with them and their gf (WE DON'T!) We might steal your girlfriend though. Watch out. Haha
No really. Watch out
....wait a minute that's not a cat.....
Baby Dyke:
A lesbian who just came out of the closet
Still figuring everything out

Chapstick lesbian/boi/soft butch:
Sometimes are mistaken for boys
Dress in button up shirts, bow ties, blazers
Short hair

These are of course stereotypes and people are people and are complex. And I have VASTLY simplified the lesbionic world....please don't send me hate mail haha. I do like cookies though. You can send me cookies.


  1. Haha, love the cat gifs. SO awesome. :D Rainbow cat especially.

  2. Haha thanks! I love cat gif's. Cats are hilarious even though I actually prefer dogs. More personable...cats are like, "Pshhhhh whatevvaaaa" lol Are you a cat or dog person?