Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Girlfriends, Karl Lagerfeld's Cat, And Kate Bialowas

-got the below email this morning-

I don't know if she meant this in the queer way or the "Heeeeey girlfriend!" way or in the "I'm just being edgy" way. I have never used the word "date night" in context to a platonic hangout with a girl..... and I really don't think I am the ONLY femme that noticed this fantastical use of brackets! ....what I am really trying to say is....

Kate Bialowas,
we should be friends!
I'm having visions of us frolicking through fashion weeks together, picking out cute skirts in Soho, sharing fat free soy lattes from hipster coffee bars while discussing what Karl Lagerfeld's cat (Choupette) will do next!
Let's do it. 

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